Few Words About Us

Joy Ricks, a passionate, experienced, licensed medical aesthetician, has helped countless people suffering from a wide variety of skin conditions and disorders including acne, skin discoloration, razor bumps, and acne scarring. She understands that the pursuit of clear skin can be emotionally draining, seeming like a waste of time amidst a staggering failure rate, expensive skin care products, and treatments that yield little or no results.  She discovered early on that most medical skin treatments for acne belong in the Stone Age: inadequate heat lamp treatments, prescriptions for antibiotics, and many other products do very little to bring relief to acne sufferers. 

Joy wants you to know today  that there is no need to feel betrayed by and powerless in the face of exorbitant fees for office visits and products that provide you with little to no results.  Contact Proderma today, and start looking forward to the beautiful and completely clear complexion that you deserve--that's her promise!

What We Do

Our happiest clients are those who have exhausted the high costs of doctor visits, treatments, and products that either produced minimal results or simply stopped perfoming altogether. Today, that can all change for you.  You can finally clear your acne and break the cycle here and now!

Why pay high dermatologist fees for skin and acne treatments that do not work or are so expensive that they are out of your financial reach? We offer a custom-designed solution for each client that starts with a free, no obligation evaluation which outlines a proven plan of advanced, medical grade skin care products and treatment(s). Our recommended treatments and hypoallergenic, cruelty-free acne products achieve proven and effective results without harmful antibiotics.


Acne Treatment Program

Includes 3 facial treatments and all necessary home care products as needed.